About us

ASA is a major trade company, specializing in the field of explosion proof products, Electrical goods and Industrial goods. Originating from a family business, it carries 20 years of rich experience. The competitive prices offered and prompt delivery has made ASA one of the leading suppliers of tenders across the country. ASA accepts international inquiries offering its clients consultation to make the best choices available. When it comes to meeting the needs of its clients ASA is remarkably flexible and always ready to accommodate. With the priority of client satisfaction ASA maintains after sales relationship for future business.


Aryaman Industrial Co.
Unit 1002, 10th Floor, No. 53, Sepehr Saee Tower
Mostofi St, Yousef Abad, Teheran

E-mail: info@aryamanindustrial.com
Tel: +98 21 88482732 - 88 10 62 12
Fax: +98 21 88 10 72 57

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