Keeping in mind the essence of commercial relations to flourish and steer in the direction of success, ASA ensures its clients full satisfaction by providing all necessary arrangements in order to meet their exclusive needs. With its favorable reputation and all its assimilated knowledge Abar Sanat Aryaman manages to easily navigate through the market assuring impeccable transactions and services for its clients.


Our procurement team pays exclusive attention to each and every one of our client’s requests arranging for the following services listed below.

  • Supplier Identification: Carefully considering our client’s need we find the most appropriate suppliers offering the best possible prices.
  • Supplier Communication: Once our clients determine their supplier, we ask for quotations and proposals. We also inform our clients of the product service quality (P/S) and follow up services which are provided by the supplier.
  • Negotiation: We make sure negotiations proceed smoothly giving our clients the desired outcome by checking the price, availability and making all necessary modifications.
  • Supplier Liaison: Trying our best to make it convenient for our clients, we keep records of their chosen suppliers to easily reconnect them in the future.


We diligently negotiate to reduce all extra expenditure and costs for our clients and meet all their requests such as on time delivery, authenticity check, confidentiality etc.

Contract Administration

We prize and understand the importance of precise contract management for impeccable transactions.

  • Negotiation: With careful assessment we ensure exact documentation and review all terms and conditions for our client’s optimal satisfaction. We also try to manage the most flexible payment plans possible for our clients comfort. Here at ASA we know that clear communication is key for fulfilling our client’s expectations.
  • Document Amendments: The business world is in constant change and being well aware of that we are try to accommodate as much as possible. We are ready to make necessary changes in regards to the circumstance such as altering technical terms, renewing certificates and agreement modification. We draw up both sales and purchase contracts and provide bank guarantees for our clients.


We have professional engineers that have extensive knowledge of electrical products and are up to date with the newest technology available. They carefully evaluate our client’s requirements for maximum efficiency.

  • Technical Consultation: We have professional engineers that have extensive knowledge of electrical products and are up to date with the newest technology available. They carefully evaluate our client’s requirements for maximum efficiency.
  • Financial Consultation: Our aim is reduce cost and maximize profit by recommending the best suppliers and offering multiple payment strategies for our clients.

Logistics Management

We arrange and manage all stages of transportation from the point of origin to the desired destination.

  • Warehousing: To supply our clients efficiently, we keep high demand products in stock which we can immediately deliver to the required location. Our clients can also arrange for the delivery independently.
  • Inspection: To prevent any sort of misunderstanding we conduct detailed inspection services in which the client can monitor the process. To make sure that the products comply with our client’s specifications we manage pre-shipment inspection PSI for quality control. We also coordinate with our suppliers and make necessary arrangements so that our clients can visit the manufacturing site of their suppliers before, during and after production.
  • Customs Brokerage: For our clients that require delivery at consumption site we manage all documentation and payments such as tax, duties and excise that are necessary for customs clearance.

Customer Service

To keep our clients happy and satisfied we try our best to give our full support in all stages of their purchase.

  • Installations: Our skilled technicians are available for our clients to install the purchased products.
  • Spare Parts: According to the contract we deliver spare parts to our clients regarding their purchase order.
  • Feedback: To improve our services, we highly value and appreciate our client’s feedback in all matters.


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